Model performance

We rely on a set of scientifically validated methodologies and techniques (e.g. Systems-psychodynamics, Apter Reversal Theory, MBTI, etc.) that allow us to update:


A true picture of the conditions of performance, profiling is a key step in the construction of success. It constitutes the base from which the individual (or the team) will be able to identify his “performance dynamics” and engage specific actions to disable a possible spiral of failure and build or maintain the  performance.


Some examples of Profiling applications:



Unleash performance

Specialists in the coaching of top athletes and their environment, we accompany you in the analysis and resolution of situations with stakes.


Neither psychotherapy nor counselling, our practice is based on the principle that everyone has the resources within to find solutions to their difficulties or to achieve their goal.


Our coaching is about the development of the person through the mobilization of their potential in order to bring out and install durably balanced success.


Fields of application of Coaching:


– Coaching the Athletes:


– Coaching the Coach:


– Coaching the Management and Technical Support teams:



Organise performance

The Herakles Consulting Centre helps you define, reengineer and instill within the organisation the essential processes and systems that would enable the team to achieve its targeted performance goals.


Modelling, Unleashing and
Organising Sport Performance

Discover our expertise

HERAKLES COACHING helps the athlete, the team or the organisation identify their “Performance Profile” and build relevant, specific and sustainable dynamics of success

Our approach is based
on three principles

True performance is ecological

It is measured in terms of both sporting results and personal alignment. The search for performance is a comprehensive and long-term approach; it must take into account all the dimensions of the individual: psychological, emotional, relational etc.

Performance is a combination of several factors

Physical abilities and technical skills, a state of mind or “motivational state”, appropriate organisation and processes.

Performance is relative

Its definition differs according to the values, the context and the stakes.

HERAKLES COACHING assists athletes, clubs and federations in clarifying their performance goals and setting the right motivational climate



Model performance

Under what conditions are you performing?

Is your team united?

Under what circumstances is it motivated?

Why do you fail systematically in certain situations?


Unleash performance

What are you doing to install the athlete in a dynamic of sustainable performance?

How do the Technical and General Management teams maintain a motivational climate?

How do you regulate a conflict between a player and his coach?

How do you facilitate the integration of new team members or coaches?



Organise performance

Does your organisation respond effectively to all the needs of the athletes and the support team?

Are the chains of delegations and responsibilities clear and relevant?

Our team brings together coaching professionals who are passionate about top-level sports and performance dynamics

We are convinced that at the highest level, the difference is neither physical nor technical: victory is mental
Vincent Legros

Vincent Legros

Associate Partner

A coach and trainer of coaches (HEC Paris), Vincent has been working with major companies, athletes and teams in Europe, the Middle East and North America for nearly 15 years in challenging contexts.

Pragmatic and results-oriented, he considers his practice as a co-construction process that requires strong commitment not only from the coachee but also from the coach.



Vincent Legros

Vincent's academic background and certifications

ESCP (Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Paris, France) – M.A., Economics
Institut d’Etudes Politiques (“Sciences Po”, France) – M.A., Political Sciences
INSEAD (Fontainebleau, France): INSEAD Coaching Certificate
HEC Paris (France): Executive coaching Certificate
IFOD (Paris, France): Practitioner Certification, Strategic coaching
MRI-IGB (Mental Research Institute of Palo Alto, CA – Liège, Belgium): Practitioner Certification, Strategic Systemic Therapy and Ericksonian Communication
APTi (Chicago, USA): MBTI Certification (Psychology)
CAPT COACH (St-Léger, Switzerland): Nuances Profile Certification (Psychology)
APTER INTERNATIONAL (Washington DC, USA): ESMA Certification (Psychology)
INSTITUT ECOSPORT (Paris, France): Mental preparation Practitioner Certification

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